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What is an exhibition
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What is an exhibition?

    What is an exhibition? Is it an effective advertising action, a way to conclude large-scale contract or simply parade of ambitions?

    Exhibition is a beast very hard to train.
And undoubtedly the success waits for those who have seized in perfection the art of the complex exhibition machinery.
    "Who needs exhibitions? What shall we be doing there? Useless waste of time and money," you can often hear such opinions from businessmen when begin talking about exhibitions and fairs.
    "We participate only because of our competitor's presence. Besides, if we have not participated our absence would sound louder then our presence", the often reply to the question: "Why do you take part in this exhibition?"

    All over the world exhibition is a good springboard to put on a demonstration of high technologies. Any visitor can appreciate a novelty at it's true value on his own, and company representatives can explain how to use it.
    One of the attractive properties of exhibitions is that consumers contact you by themselves, and if they need your products they will get in touch with you by all means. Certainly, an exhibition is a good way to present new goods and services to wide and special audiences. For this reason the issue of many novelties in this or that field is especially dated for a certain exhibition that thus defines the "clock-frequency" of the market.

    An exhibition is a complex tool allowing advertise products, meet partners and competitors, make an estimation of a state of the market and your place in it, establish new business contacts that can lead to numerous commercial offers. Exhibitions strongly help in creating single-minded system of firm promotion, connecting isolated not concerted actions in a chain, directing them to uniform course. At an exhibition you have a good chance of exposing and putting your products in most favourable light. Besides, it enables you to estimate competitive capacity of the new product. Is it really good for buyers? Isn't it expensive? Is a new design needed? Will it be in demand? You will find exhaustive answers for these questions by participating in exhibitions.
    The market competition leads to the necessity to reconsider and improve achievements and technologies constantly. Otherwise competitiveness of products and services is inevitably reduced. At the same time the competition constantly stimulates the search of new commodity markets. For the Russian companies this problem has become especially actual today.

   The exhibition industry is huge, and modern companies have found themselves at crossroads. Innovations with a view to more effective marketing have been developing with space speed. Corporations have been working out more and more subtle methods in the marketing strategy that in turn leads to the growing popularity of exhibitions.
    The exhibition business has greatly changed, the number of fairs has immeasurably increased and the widening of the exhibition abilities has led to a higher estimation of this good marketing tool.
    At first sight it is rather easy to take part in an exhibition. Exhibitors rent an area, place their equipment in hope for making numerous contracts. Though such miracles sometimes happen it is ridiculous to wait in vain for it. For successful participation in an exhibition at high business level the experience and skills of the persons involved in this work become determinant. If conducting the proper marketing strategy you choose right place and train your staff duly the success is guaranteed.

    Exhibitions are old as the world but nevertheless today they are relevant as never and may become the most effective marketing tool.
    At an exhibition you both advertise and sell as well as form the image of your company.

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