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All sorts of accessories - ties, scarves, stoles, ponchos, pareos, shawls, umbrellas, belts, wallets and lots of other items.
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Dear Ladies and Sirs!

Accessories are very lucrative for your business. These popular all-weather goods are much in demand and even at minimal investment guarantee quick turnover. They don't need additional transport charges or big trading areas and storage facilities.

“ROSARIA-ACCESSORI” brings to your attention collections of female accessories combining high quality with wide variety of the most unusual fabrics and patterns. We offer the best collections of fashionable accessories, thousands of designs, bright colors, unusual combinations emphasizing the elegance of style.

You can familiarize yourself with our collections as well as make wholesale purchases at our Moscow office by calling us (095) 508-75-77.

There is the show-room at our office. The exposition includes hundreds of designs and colors. Please note that you can also place your orders for the current season collection.

We invite dealers and regional representatives to cooperation.
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