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All sorts of accessories - ties, scarves, stoles, ponchos, pareos, shawls, umbrellas, belts, wallets and lots of other items.
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Dear Ladies and Sirs!

“ROSARIA-ACCESSORI” calls your attention to the production of the manufacturing firms of fashionable accessories.

Our collection of shawls is not only diverse, but in fact presents fireworks of shades, patterns, compositions. The list of fabrics can amaze even an expert. It includes all kinds of natural silk from veils weightless like breeze to rough crepes. Refined light velvety cashmere - the precious fabric made of lamb's wool.

Special cluster is formed of viscose shawls and scarves possessing pure-ecological qualities comparable to natural material. The most various fabrics, their texture, design and coloring will satisfy any tastes.

“ROSARIA-ACCESSORI” presents the collection of scarves and shawls mainly of the highest quality fabrics. For instance, alpaca wool resembling down. The great choice of cotton fabrics from gauzy marquisettes up to mixed fabrics decorated with silk threads. Scarves and shawls are noted for high quality and their texture, design and coloring will fit the most refined tastes.

We invite dealers and regional representatives to cooperation.
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