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All sorts of accessories - ties, scarves, stoles, ponchos, pareos, shawls, umbrellas, belts, wallets and lots of other items.
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Accessories — concept, description, familiarization.

   “ Accessory (French - accessoire) - something 
added to a machine or clothing, which have a useful
or decorative purpose. In our case accessories are
the clothing items added to dress. ”.
                               Cambridge dictionary.

   But we should apprehend it in another way. Accessories are not just minutiae but "the main, most important, very useful and obligatory parts of something. They serve for adorning of that "something" and are necessary for the forming of the unique image of a person"..

   Nowadays fashionable clothing is not widely available in Russia. At the same time prestige accessory making even greater impression is accessible to most people. It serves many years because accessories are less subjected to the fashion changes. Accessories are sold widely: in department stores and warehouses, clothing and shoe stores, clubs, restaurants, beauty shops and many others These popular all-weather goods are much in demand and even at minimal investment guarantee considerable profits.

   Scarves, gloves, in most cases bags are also regarded as accessories among the vogue establishment....
Not without reason all the eminent couturiers annually or even every season are creating special accessory collections.

   Besides, one more sort of accessories must be mentioned. It's men's accessories. It's true that these little items are not only women's prerogative. And this is not an unimportant part of men's wardrobe. Would otherwise every possible fashion glossy magazine place such rapturous articles on cuff links, tie-clips and trinkets? Would your beloved man feel so childishly happy with a tiepin presented by you if he did not attach value to such things?

   Accessories are usually bright and striking, that's why their quality means very much. That's why it is unreasonable to save on it.

   Accessories are the best way to form your image as well as the best way to look prestigious.

    You can get acquainted with the “ROSARIA — ACCESSORI” collections as well as make wholesale purchases at our Moscow office by calling us
(095) 508-75-77. You may visit the showroom where hundreds of designs and colors are demonstrated.

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